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We are both experienced dentists and we have been practising dentistry for numerous years in Poland and abroad. Our goal is to create friendly and stress free environment which enables us to provide high quality dental treatments. We are thriving to create relationships with patients that are based on trust and understanding.
We are inviting you to come and see our new practice.

Askdentist Leczenie bez stresu
Dentist Rafał Kowal

It has been my ambition for the over 20 years to deliver high quality of standards to my patients. I enjoy practicing evidence based dentistry. In my work I like to prioritize my patients and their expectations. My aim is always for the patients dental experience to be pleasant. I have acquired bachelors of dentistry in 1994 at Yagiellonian University, Cracow. I have first degree specialization in minor oral surgery. For the past 10 years I have practiced in UK where I have enjoyed further professional development and a membership of Gloucestershire Independent Dentists.

Askdentist Leczenie bez stresu
Dentist Izolda Kowal

I have studied general science at University of Toronto (1987 - 1989). I have acquired bachelors of dentistry in 1994 at Yagiellonian University, Cracow. I have first degree specialization in general dentistry since 1999. For the past eleven years I have been practising in United Kingdom at a private dental surgery. While living abroad I was a member of GDC ( General Dental Council) as well as the oldest private dentists organization GID (Gloucestershire Independent Dentists). I feel that in my profession prevention plays a key role in proper treatment, thus promoting oral health is crucial in my work. My aim is to create a stress free environment where patients feel comfortable to ask questions. Since 2015 I am practising again in Cracow at own private practice, Askdentist.

Professional experience

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Dyplom technika dentystycznego


Collegium Medicum Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Kraków

1996 – 2004

Praktyka zawodowa, ul. Imbramowska, Kraków

1998 – 2000

Staż w Klinice Chirurgii Szczękowo-Twarzowej, Collegium Medicum, Kraków

2000 – 2004

Praktyka zawodowa w Specjalistycznej Przychodni Chirurgii Stomatologicznej, Pl. Św. Ducha

2004 – 2014

Praktyka zawodowa w Eastgate House Dental Practice Gloucester, Orchard Dental Practice Hereford, Messenger House Dental Practice, Chipping Manor Dental Practice, Prestbury Dental Care Cheltenham, Medicare Reading, Anglia

od 2004

Członek General Dental Council, Anglia

od 2007

Członek Gloucesterhire Independent Dentistist, Anglia


Certyfikat ukonczenia kursu implatologii


Infection control


The Bruxism triad


Dental materials


Periodontal udate


Endodontic update


Profitable Perio for patient and practic


Ultra efficient dental practice


Prywatna specjalistyczna praktyka Askdentist, Kraków, ul. Wenecja 19 oraz członek zespołu lekarzy dentystów gabinetu Niladent, Kraków, ul. Fieldorfa-Nila 12

Askdentist Leczenie bez stresu
  • Dental checks
  • Tooth coloured fillings
  • Gum care
  • Whitening
  • Crown and Bridge
  • Root canal treatment
  • Night guards
  • Dentures

Dental checks

Careful examinations of your teeth and gums including oral cancer check. Low radiation, digital x-rays are taken to diagnose all existing and potential problems in order to establish treatment plan best suited for you.

Tooth coloured fillings

These composite fillings are mercury free and help to restore and strengthen teeth while looking natural.

Gum care

Preventing the build up of plaque and calculus in hard to reach areas prevents gum disease. Regular professional cleaning of your teeth helps to keep them healthy.


Special trays / thin gum shields are made to hold the whitening gel very closely to your teeth. The whitening is done in stages at the convenience of your home over a period of two weeks.

Crown and Bridge

Crown is a cup / complete cover for damaged tooth. Crown can be made from gold, metal and ceramic / porcelain or specially treated ceramics. The metal free ceramic crowns provide the highest aesthetics. Bridges can be made to fill in the gaps left after missing teeth and they are held permanently on the adjacent teeth.

Root canal treatment

It is the removal of infection from a tooth by using nickel-titanium instruments. This advanced technique using a microscope cleans and disinfects the canals of the tooth which are sealed with a special material. It is always advisable to protect root canal treated tooth with a crown.

Night guards

These are special acrylic / plastic guards worn at nighttime to prevent grinding of teeth and thus their shortening and wear. This is an increasing problem for many patients.


These are used to fill in gaps after missing teeth. They can be made from acrylic / plastic dentures / from metal frames / chrome cobalt skeleton dentures / or flexible material / Valplast.

100 zł

first check up 50, for returning patient free

30 zł

Temporary filling
80 zł

Composite fillings
from 180 zł

Local anaesthetic
30 zł
Scalling - tartar removal
90 zł

90 zł

Fluoridation (per tooth)
30 zł

from 180 zł

Teeth whitening
from 600 zł

Root canal treatment (per root)*
300 zł

Tooth reconstruction
600 zł
Post crowns
from 300 zł

Porcelain bonded crowns
900 zł

Zirconia crown
1500 zł

from 800 zł

Cr-Co, skeleton denture
1800 zł

Night guard
350 zł

One unit in porcelain bridge
from 800 zł
Teeth and roots removal
from 150 zł

Wisdom tooth removal
from 800 zł

from 3500 zł

* depending on the system

Dental practice

ul. Emilii Plater 2/3, 30-009 Kraków, Polska
+48 570 082 587



Askdentist Leczenie bez stresu